Kindred Pest Control

Trusted. Experienced. Dedicated.


Kindred Pest Control

Trusted. Experienced. Dedicated.


Kindred Pest Control

Trusted. Experienced. Dedicated.



We are proud to use botanically derived pesticides. Pet, plant, and family friendly!


Kindred isn’t just a name. Our customers are truly part of our family.


We adhere to all Texas Department of Agriculture regulations.


There when you need us. We can usually schedule services within a day!

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At Kindred Pest Control we believe that family always comes first. That’s why we, as a family owned and operated company, are committed to providing your home and family exceptional service. We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service and most effective treatments in the industry, because our customers are truly our family.




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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Our tech was very professional and personable. He thoroughly explained what he was going to do and gave us the opportunity to prepare (move some pet-related items from outdoors). He said he would let the office know about our impending move and that we are in the process of switching bank accounts as well. My wife Sherri and I appreciate GREAT customer service! PS - We've had several pest control service providers in the past, but Kindred has provided the best result of any!!"

Steve M

"The tech was a very sweet young man. My overly talkative 3 year old daughter followed him and talked to him the whole time and he was great with laughing and talking back (great sport about it). I wasn't home when he initially got there, but he called and left a voicemail so I was able to rush home so the inside could be sprayed."

Jeanne T

"My technician was fantastic! He took time to answer my questions. Although I had reported roaches being seen and where, he did not find any evidence of them in the first two places he checked and he told me so. He let me know that if he didn’t find them in any other places (he did, unfortunately) he was not going to recommend the extra costly treatment for them. So unexpected of a pest control technician! He did not rush through but did a very thorough job. He was polite, friendly, warm, and knowledgeable. He is an asset to your company! "

Jean H

"Polite, courteous, knowledgeable, skilled, explained every step, including calming my fears about poisoned rats dying behind walls, bloating, exploding, and stinking for forever! Now I understand how rat poison works. Well groomed also, even at the end of a hot day."

Adam A

"Ronnie was so pleasant from the time he arrived until he completed the extermination. I showed Ronnie a few places of concern and he treated those areas and discussed them with me. I love your company and am so glad I found you. Continue to do the job you do please!!! Thank you!!!"

Joy D

"Our technician was extremely patient waiting for us to clear out of the house. We had some personal glitches getting into my wheelchair that delayed his start to our treatment. He was very quiet and calm, courteous, and professional in both appearance and manners. I was pleasantly surprised to find an absence of odor when we were able to return home! There wasn’t a film or residue detectable from this last treatment- very nice. Found lots of dead roaches which was great since two days earlier a roach actually climbed onto my arm in my bed! Gross! I am reassured by your policy of an additional treatment at no extra charge if we continue to see them after a few weeks. Thank you so much, Kindred!"

Jean H

"Darwin came to spray my house. He was kind, answered any questions since I was a new customer. Too early to tell but so far I am very pleased. Good to see him spraying other houses in the neighborhood. That tells me Benji did not tell a "sales lie" when he said there were other customers in the neighborhood. Will submit further reviews as time goes on. Right now I'm a happy customer."

Joy D

"Jose is a really friendly guy and very informative. He had two students who were learning the pest control business. He explained things to my husband and me right along with the students. He was able to answer all the questions I had in a competent and well-spoken manner. His spraying appeared thorough. The ants in the house do appear to be increasing so I'm glad I was told to expect this. I really liked Jose."

Lu H

"Today's exterminator did an excellent job. He was extremely professional and courteous even after being harassed by my dog who was feeling a little over protective about having guests in our home. He even took the extra time to go through the cabinets with a different chemical specifically for roaches after I made a remark about seeing them in the kitchen. I was very satisfied with his work."

Ryan H

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