The Process

STEP ONE: Initial Flush-Out Treatment

The initial “flush-out” treatment will knock out a majority of the adult pest population on the property in one fell swoop!

This treatment is extensive and covers both the interior and exterior of your home. From powerspraying and granulating the entire yard, target treating hot spot areas inside the home, to even treating inside the walls themselves, we do all that’s needed and more to ensure we get as much of the adult insect population as possible.

When you begin any pest control regimen, the initial flush-out will knock out roughly 80{aa769594963c5dcb6b60147d6a66c732485a7d4f830c1f2ce7ad6eb41fec66e5} of the adult population, but the remaining 20{aa769594963c5dcb6b60147d6a66c732485a7d4f830c1f2ce7ad6eb41fec66e5} are in the eggs! Unfortunately, there are no safe treatments that will eliminate the bug eggs until they hatch. That’s why STEP TWO is so important!

STEP TWO: 30 Day Follow-Up Quarterly Treatment

Roughly 30 days after your initial treatment, we will return to complete your first quarterly service. This is arguably the most important treatment of the entire year because this is when we knock out the hatchlings before they start laying eggs of their own. It’s what we call Breaking The Egg Cycle.

Sometimes people ask, “Is coming out 30 days later really necessary since the initial flush-out seems to have eliminated all the bugs?”. The answer is YES!

Without breaking the egg cycles the problem starts all over again. Pest control is a process where we uproot the problem instead of just maintaining it.

STEP THREE: Quarterly Schedule

After your 30 day follow-up quarterly, we will come every 3 months to thoroughly re-treat your home to prevent re-infestations. Just sit back and enjoy no longer having to deal with roaches in the kitchen or fire ants and fleas in the yard!

You will receive an appointment reminder via text AND email, the week before AND the day before each service. Communication is the most important part of any relationship! You can call us 24/7 and an actual human will answer to help!

Not home for the service? No problem, we’ll treat the front and back yard so well that you won’t need us to treat inside. Still want the inside treated? No problem! Just respond “yes” to our text reminders and we’ll take care of the rest!

STEP FOUR: Free Re-Services

If you come across ANY pest activity in between regular services, we are here for you! Just give us a call, text message, or email and we will send someone out to take care of the problem. Even if it’s just one bug, we will treat it as top priority!

Stubborn bugs? We will come out every single week until you have NO bugs left if necessary.

Bug emergency? We can almost always schedule someone out there in less than 2 days!

Specialty Services

Indoor Rodent Monitoring- Rodents cause a multitude of problems that you should not have to suffer. With our rodent monitoring includes placing bait stations and refilling them on a quarterly basis which will keep down infestations and help to prevent their migration into your home.

German Roach Treatments- German roaches are one of the hardest pests to eradicate and require different tactics and chemicals depending on the level of infestation of each home. Our German Roach treatment plan consists of multiple treatments and a three month warranty.

Indoor Flea Treatments- Pets scratching? Furry friends are family too and we are here to help! Our extensive indoor flea treatment plan consists of multiple treatments and a three month warranty.

Bed Bug Treatments- No one should have to fear sleeping in their own bed. With our bed bug procedures and treatments you will be able to take back your home and have peace of mind at night. Our bed bug treatment plan consists of multiple treatments and a three month warranty.